What is a Crystal?

The word CRYSTAL does not seem to be any mystery. Whenever we hear it, we almost immediately imagine a transparent, pointed stone, right? But in fact they are much more than that. In this text we will present what is a crystal, where it comes from and how they benefit our energy balance.


The crystals are solid bodies, with well-defined geometric shapes, straight edges and sharp vertices. Several substances that surround us are crystals: salt, sugar and ice, for example. And there are also the most admired as the diamond.

Most crystals form through the repetitive accumulation of matter to the growing crystalline mass, from silicon, liquid oxygen and sand. Groups of molecules of silicon oxide (SiO2) join together, composing spirals in a three-dimensional structure and geometrically perfect.

There are several other processes of crystallization in the mineralogical universe. Sometimes crystals occur when a substance passes from the liquid state to the solid, as in the case of water when it turns into ice. In other cases, this process occurs when a compound in aqueous solution continuously evaporates until it is concentrated and crystallizes as in the case of cooking salt. Besides these two ways, the crystals can also form through a chemical reaction between two substances in solution, with subsequent precipitation of crystals.



Minerals are inorganic substances of defined chemical composition. Crystals are minerals that in addition to these two characteristics have an atomic structure, that is, the bond of their atoms follows geometric patterns.

In forming a crystalline structure, such as amethyst or citrine, atoms are associated in perfect unity and harmony. So do molecules, which all vibrate at the same frequency. Because they have a perfect molecular arrangement and high-frequency electromagnetic, they are considered energy channels.

These channels can transmit, absorb and transmute energies. The result of this process is the generation of balance and healing at the emotional, physical and mental level. This occurs both in the mineral balance and in the equilibrium of living beings, be they humans, animals or plants.


Within each crystal is an energetic universe. This universe acts through the repetition of waves of the crystallization system to organize and rearrange energies. The result of this energy organization is the encounter of balance and the cure of disorders.

Because of this ability to harmonize imbalances, crystals have always been known for their healing powers (learn HERE how to program a crystal). From earliest times, they exert a profound influence on men seeking balance. Healers, shamans, priests and those seeking spirituality have been drawn to the crystals and used their healing powers. When well manipulated, they help unlock, release and rebalance energies and emotions. They can thus alleviate negative symptoms or aflor memories and sensations important for personal development. They can be used in a constant, preventive or curative way.

Now that you already know what is a crystal, it is important to know that each crystal has a specific advantage, since each one has an energy that favors an action. Some are energizing, others soothing, harmonizing, absorbent, releasing, analgesic, etc. Therefore it is important to study each crystal before using it to be able to use its potential in the most efficient way.

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