Crystals are great allies in the treatment and healing processes. It is critical, for them to work at their highest performance, to ensure a care routine. This routine starts with cleaning (read HERE to know how to clean it), then it goes through the energization (read HERE to know how to energize your crystal) and, finally, it needs to be PROGRAMMED. In this post we will teach you why and how to program a Crystal.

Why program a crystal?

The answer is simple: to direct the energy of the crystal to the goals we want. Some examples would be: healing, protection, release of positive energies, neutralization of negative energies.

When we program a stone or crystal, we focus its energy to a specific goal according to our need. This process consists of opening a communication channel with the stone. In this way you encourage it to cooperate and donate its properties. Ultimately, each crystal acts in various fields of our physical and spiritual body, so you need to guide it so that it works to achieve your desire through the energies.

When should we program a crystal?

It is important that you program all the crystal after going through the cleaning and energizing process (respectively). Only after this procedure will it be effectively ready to assist and work for you.

Before you start programming a stone or crystal, it is important to ensure that you have made the correct crystal chosen for the intended purposes. By their characteristics and energetic properties, some stones are more appropriate for some ends than others, and should be chosen accordingly to be effective. HERE are some tips for choosing your crystal.

How to program a crystal?

The first step to effective programming is to think positively and clearly. This action helps you focus precisely on what you want your crystal to do for you, and then ensure that it will accomplish its mission. Therefore, we must clearly state the intention in our mind, using a simple affirmative sentence. Some examples of programming phrases would be: “The energies of this stone are at the service of healing and physical, mental, emotional and spiritual regeneration.”, “The energies of this stone protect from all negative energies, neutralize and transform them in positive energies, “etc.

You can program a stone or crystal with more than one intent. We can add up to 4 or 5 intentions, provided that, stone and intentions, are compatible with each other. Programming can be aimed at healing, protecting, obtaining spiritual guidance, maintaining positive energies in the environment, etc.

To start programming, choose a very quiet place, with good energy, soft lighting and preferably no noise to disturb your concentration. Crystals are sensitive to the mind, so be careful and patient when starting programming. If there is any interruption during the process, recommend it again.

Hold the crystal, keeping your awareness focused on intention and looking at the stone for a few moments until you feel its energy. Repeat a few times, out loud, clear and firm your intention. Remain with the crystal in hand for approximately 10 minutes.

And after programming?

After programming, load the crystal in your pocket or in a place where you can see it frequently. For a few days, contemplate it two to three times, strengthening through thought your intention toward it. If you feel a need, repeat the programming a few more times. You can add some intention to the original programming of a stone by doing a reprogramming of it.

Finally it is worth mentioning that a programmed stone should not be in physical contact with others. You should guard it, when not in use, inside a cloth of natural fibers and of white color.

Now that you know how to program a crystal, understand more about this magical element of nature, read our post:WHAT IS A CRYSTAL?.

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