Every crystal needs care. Receiving this care, they become great energy allies, actively contributing to healing processes, for example. As presented in our post: “How to clean your Crystal“, we should always keep our stones clean materially and energetically. Now we will introduce how to energize your crystal, because the process of preparing a crystal, is not limited to cleaning. We can divide this process into three moments:

1- Material and energy cleaning: when you clean your crystal physically and remove all negative energies (learn how to clean your crystals HERE).

2- Energization: when you recharge the crystal force with good energies.

3- Programming: when you align your energy frequency with the crystal’s frequency (learn how to program your crystal HERE).

In this post, you will learn some methods of how to energize your crystals. This procedure must be carried out whenever there is a cleaning. This will help them be fed with favorable energies for their best performance. The purpose of this process is for the energy properties to return to the stones. This happens when they receive a positive stimulus from some external natural source.

This stimulus can be done in several ways. Here are some options.

1- Solar Energy:

It basically consists of using the energy of the Sun to activate the Crystal. Always choose to place it under the morning light, which is softer. Intense solar radiation can damage certain properties of certain crystals (especially colored ones), so be cautious. It is recommended to expose colored stones such as Amethyst and Citrine for a maximum of 30 minutes.

2- Lunar Energization:

It consists of exposing the crystals to the moonlight. The moon has a more feminine, delicate and sensitive energy. Since moonlight is not aggressive to the crystals, we can leave them loading throughout the night, preferably on the crescent moon.

3- Energizing by contact with nature:

Most of the minerals develop in nature and underground, so when buried, they receive again the positive energies of their origin. This method involves burying your crystals in your yard or plant pot or simply putting them on the floor for a few hours as they also energize. As the energies of nature are more subtle it is necessary to leave the stones for 8 hours in a row.

4- Energizing with special crystals:

Some special crystals have the power to self-carry alone attracting the vital energy of the universe to their interior. Its energy can be transmitted to other stones and crystals simply by putting them in direct contact. Crystals that can be used in this method: Citrine, Grenade, Alabaster, Selenite and Diamond.

5- Energizing by laying on of hands

It is to direct the vital energy of the Universe to the Crystals using the hands and the will power. Calm your mind, relax for a few minutes and then extend your hands toward the crystal. During the process mentally visualize the passage of energy from the hands to the crystals.

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