Find out now, how to clean your crystals!

If you like your crystals and want to see them always shiny, radiant and able to contribute energetically with you or the environment, it is important to maintain a cleaning routine for them.

There are two types of cleaning for crystals: Hygienic Cleaning and Energy Cleaning. In this post we’ll cover both and teach you how to clean your crystals.

Material cleaning of a Crystal

This type of cleaning aims to remove all impurities deposited in its crystals. Dust, small organisms, webs, all tend to accumulate in their stones (especially in larger formations like geodes and druzys cluster). This makes periodic cleaning necessary. See the safest material cleaning process in the steps below:

1) Fill a container with warm water and add a teaspoon of mild soap. Fill with water, enough to submerge your crystal, taking care that no part scratches.

2) Leave your crystal in the soap and water for 15 to 20 minutes, to soften the dust accumulated in the tiny crevices of the gem.

3) Scrub the crystal with a soft bristle toothbrush. If you are cleaning a stone with several crystals, rub it gently so as not to break any of the smaller crystals.

4) Rinse the crystal in distilled water. Distilled water is free of impurities such as mineral deposits that could leave residues in the stone. Repeat rinse until soap is completely removed.

5) Place the crystal in a place where it can dry naturally avoiding the direct incidence of sunlight. Remember that exposing some crystals to the sun for long periods of time may shake their properties.

6) Repeat the process whenever you feel it is necessary.

Energetic cleaning of a Crystal

In addition to keeping your crystals clear of physical impurities, it is important to consider that since their extraction, they come into contact with various physical bodies. With this, they receive positive and negative energies that are stored inside. Moreover, because they are delicate instruments, even without being touched, they absorb the energies emanating from various people. So it is necessary to do, from time to time (and especially as soon as you buy), an energy cleaning. Thus, it will be unloaded and will be energetically neutral to continue acting.

The energetic cleaning of crystals should be regarded as normal and should be a routine. Thus it is possible to free it from outside influences that may hover over it, lest it interfere with the physical, emotional or spiritual state of his user.

This type of cleaning serves to restore the strength, brightness and positivity of a crystal. Whenever you find that a crystal is dull, poorly transmitted, and without the usual interaction between you and it, clean it.

How to clean my Crystal energetically?

There are several ways to clean a crystal. It is up to the user to choose the one that suits one better or consider it easier. It is important to note that some crystals are too sensitive to some substances (like salt, for example) and therefore their use should be monitored and moderated.

Cleaning Crystals with running water:

This method is quite simple, but very effective and accessible to practically everyone, besides not presenting any risk to stones. Simply wash the crystals directly in tap water, (does not need to be filtered) and let them dry naturally in the shade on a white fluffy towel.

Cleaning Crystals with natural water:

Water cleansers are particularly effective for natives of the Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces).

To perform this type of cleaning, simply bathe your crystals in the sea, or at a spring. In the absence of these locations, it is possible to submerge them in mineral water and let them dry naturally.

Cleaning Crystals with water and salt:

To use this method, place your crystal in a container, cover it with sea salt, and fill the container with cold or warm water. Then place it all night under the moonlight. In the morning remove it from the container and rinse it under running water to eliminate any hint of salt. Leave it in a place where it can be energized in direct sunlight. Remember that too much exposure to sunlight can compromise some properties of your crystal.

When applying this method one must be very careful. The salt can damage some stones, especially those that have metal in its composition, besides changing the coloration of many of them. For these more sensitive crystals, it is possible to place salt and crystal in separate containers. Without being in direct contact, the cleaning effect remains effective.

Cleaning Crystals with Incense:

In order to clean a crystal with incense, a scent suitable for purification rituals, such as rue, lavender or rosemary, must be used. This cleansing is even more effective when accompanied by a prayer. After lighting the incense, expose the crystal to the smoke emanating for a few minutes and then use it as usual.

Cleaning Crystals with flowers:

Cleansing crystals using flowers or just the petals is one of the most sublime ways to purify crystals. Choose the flowers with which you most identify, place them inside a glass container, cover the crystals with the petals. Let them stay that way for 24 hours. Then let them out in the open to capture the solar or lunar energies.

It is important that the cleaning process be done with caution and frequency. Only when the crystals are clear will they be able to interact in a positive way with you and the environment where you are.

In order for you to be satisfied with the vibrations, energies and therapeutic characteristics of the chosen crystal, in addition to cleaning them with assiduity, it is also necessary that the crystal be energized and reprogrammed. These two processes must be carried out whenever one intends to use the crystals for purposes other than the one originally intended. To find out how to energize your crystals, read our post: “HOW TO ENERGIZE YOUR CRYSTAL” and to learn how to program your crystal read our post: “HOW TO PROGRAM YOUR CRYSTAL“.

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