Why and how to choose a  crystal? In various situations in our lives, we need a little help. So how about the strength of crystals? Sometimes external aid is the support we need to transform moments of crisis into learning and evolution. Crystals can be this additional help! Learn in this post how to choose a  crystal for your needs.

Because they are generated by nature and have a slow formation, the crystals have a very pure and high energy. This characteristic brings harmony and balance to anyone who brings them together. According to their colour and specific characteristics, each crystal acts especially effectively in a different area. Learn to identify and choose the ideal crystal for each situation you want to solve.

How to choose a crystal

How to choose a crystal
How to choose a crystal



The choice of a crystal is fundamentally intuitive and it is important not to be in a hurry when choosing. To achieve a satisfactory result, it is important to know how to choose the right crystal for each type of situation. For this, the first big step is to have your goals very well defined. Then choose a crystal that has the property you want. Do a research and find out which stone best meets what you want to work on.

After knowing a little about the properties of each stone, it is time to find it. We often say that it is the crystal that chooses us and not the opposite. This will only be happen in a efficiently way if you are vibrating exactly what you are looking for. This seems silly, but if we look at the fact that crystals, like people, are resonant structures, the law of resonance is indisputably met. A person, therefore, in front of a crystal may or may not resonate with him and thus, it is not at all strange that he should be attracted to one of them.

At the time of the search, the crystal most suitable for you will probably look more beautiful, brighter or have some shape or feature that will attract your attention. Sometimes through touch, we can also feel the vibrations that prove to be the best choice. A kind of tingling or heat sensations may be the indications we are expecting. The signs around you are also important and indicative of a correct choice. Be aware, if something happens at the same time that you choose a certain crystal may be the signal you expected. With some experience it becomes a fairly easy process.



After making the choice, keep in mind that this crystal should be a companion for your entire life. If something happens to him and you lose him for some reason, you can find another mate, but it will never be a substitution.

Before using it, do a material and energetic cleaning,  and also the programming ritual of this crystal. Learn how to clean your crystal, how to energize and how to program it.

Amethyst pendant


Check below some indications of use of some crystal

Citrine to boost self-esteem

Yellow crystals, like Citrine, bring energy and vitality. Citrine is one of the best stones to deal with self-esteem. Associated with the navel or solar plexus chakra, its energy resembles that of the sun, which warms, comforts, penetrates, energizes and gives life. By manifesting himself firmly, he transfers that inner sense of certainty, helping people who need trust and security.

Amethyst to alleviate anxiety

The Amethyst is a crystal that balances the emotions and promotes peace. You can use this crystal in the frontal chakra (forehead), inducing a meditative state. It takes away the mind from egocentric patterns of thought, drawing it to a deeper understanding.

Agate of fire to sharpen sensuality

As the name says, Fire Agate is connected to this element and is used to stimulate and activate the sacral chakra located below the navel.

Turquoise to take it easy

In addition to being beautiful, the stone relaxes the entire nervous system, soothes the mind and helps to verbalize the thoughts. The Turquoise offers an energy of peace, harmony and balance, and can also help people deal properly with the difficult situations of life. In addition, it fights anxiety and can alleviate difficulty sleeping, nervous excitement, lack of faith in oneself, negativity, repetitive thoughts and inflexibility. It also improves the quality of life, since it works the physical well-being and the increase of the immunity. As if all these benefits were not enough, the stone still encourages us to start afresh, with renewed strength and new ideas.

Jasper to deal with problems

Jasper is a stone that increases stamina and strengthens the body. For these reasons, this crystal is great for helping us deal with difficulties when we are frail, tired and overworked. But it’s worth noting that it does not eliminate the difficulties, but keeps them back to you at a more propitious time. It is also suitable for crisis situations. When we are overwhelmed, we can use it to focus on one thing at a time.

Now, that you know how to choose a crystal, take advantage of these tips and start forming your collection. Learning to work with crystals, using their therapeutic and energetic properties for the most diverse purposes.

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