In nature we find several types of crystals, they can be categorized according to their mineral composition, with the energetic benefits they offer, with their color, etc. To learn more about how crystals appear read here. In this post we will help you to discover the best color of Crystal for your healing.


Just as each stone has a specific property, so does the colors. Thus, for an effective healing process, we can use both the associated properties, ie the correct stone and the correct hue. There is not one color better than the other, it’s all about choosing the best color of crystal for each moment.


The black stones absorb the light and show the hidden potential of each situation. They act as energy anchors to assist in returning to normal operating state. They are considered crystals of personal protection and environments. Capable of dissipating all negativity, they do an energetic and spiritual cleansing. They are powerful for those who seek reality, who wants to put their feet on the ground and align energies.

Examples: Black Tourmaline and Onyx.


The crystals of red color are highly stimulating, vitality donors. They favor the courage, the power of decision, accentuate the sensuality and sexuality. They are linked to blood and so are traditionally used to relieve bleeding and treat inflammation. You must be aware of the use of this stone, because they are very intense. Their excess can generate insomnia, irritability, aggressiveness, so they should be used in the short term with specific goals.

Examples: Ruby, Red Jasper, Grenade, Fire Agate.


The orange crystals are givers of creativity. They contribute to the spontaneity and allow to emerge talents and natural abilities, besides bringing great positivity. They are great for people who feel tired from their daily routine. They help treat symptoms of excessive sadness, discouragement and depression as they stimulate joyfully.

Examples: Carnelian, Orange Calcite and Orange Serenite.


The yellow crystals are related to the functioning of the nervous, digestive and immunological systems. Givers of life and joy are highly stimulating and energizing. Great for awakening and organizing ideas, especially for people who work a lot with the mental. When used near the study or office environment, they stimulate concentration and vitality. Whoever wants to attract wealth, personal magnetism, brilliance, power and success, must use yellow crystals in their day to day.

Examples: Natural Citrine, Tiger’s Eye, Imperial Topaz.


Green crystals are stones related to health and healing of diseases linked to the mental aspect. They serve to balance emotions and provide a sense of calm. They inspire increased self-confidence, self-esteem, revitalize the body and balance the emotional. They bring stability, wisdom, security and touch sensitivity.

Examples: Aventurine, Malachite, Emerald, Amazonite and Green Quartz.


Directly connected with feelings of unconditional love and healing of the heart. They are donors of love, of sensitivity, of trust. Used to release trauma, hurt and resentment. They bring comfort, forgiveness, acceptance and eliminate feelings of mourning and regret of the heart chakra. It is always recommended to use the pink crystals, together with the green ones, because the excess of sensitivity can bring depressive effects and affective deficiency.

Examples: Rose Quartz, Morganite and Rhodocrosite.


It is one of the widest colors of crystals, because they have different shades with different functions. In general, the blue crystals are associated with the throat and, therefore, the communication. Voice, taste, smell, vision, thoughts, ability to express themselves, are all influenced by the vibration of the blue light. These crystals soothe and therefore are excellent for assisting in meditation before bed. They harness spiritual energy, aiding in channeling and broadening intuition and concentration.

Examples: Blue Quartz, Lazuli Pencil and Marine Water


They are energy transmuting crystals, converging negative energy into positive energy. They are spiritualizers, they help connect with spirituality and they help to face difficult moments. Used to cool superheated energies and explosive behavior.

Examples: Amethyst and Mica Lilac.


White is related to the concepts of clarity, cleanliness and purification. So white crystals purify, bring brightness to situations we can not see, open intuition and bring revelations. They are able to expand spiritual energy, unlock negativities and energize environments and people.

Examples: Galena, Clear Quartz and Moonstone

When choosing your healing crystal, remember the power of your colors and try to choose the best color of crystal for you. Study the properties of each stone to achieve a more effective treatment. Read our article “HOW TO CLEAN YOUR CRYSTALS” to learn how to keep your crystal shine and able to contribute energetically with you.

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