About Us

Brazilian Gemstones is an International Wholesaler.

Brazilian Gemstones was founded in the tradition of a family active in gemstone market situated in Rio Grande do Sul – Brazil.
We distribute and trade gemstones, contact us for any product you are looking for.
Crystals we operate, Amethyst, Citrine and Agate

In any shape as:
Agate Geodes
Cut Base Agate Geodes
Agate Geodes For Statue
Agate Jewelry Box
Agate Decos
Agate Wind Chimes
Agate Clocks
Agate Bookends
Agate Ashtray
Thick Agate Slabs
Agate Ends
Agate Cut in Half Pair
Polished Agate w/ Water Inside
Agate Pyramid I Obelisk (Natural or Dyed)
Amethyst I Agate Heart
Agate Sphere
Agate Coasters on Wood
Agate Butterfly
Agate Umbu Rough (For Dyeing)
Red Agate Rough
Amethyst – Citrine Geode
Amethyst Jewelry Box
Amethyst Druzes
Candle Holders
Faceting Gems
Green Amethyst
Points of: Amethyst, Citrine
Points of Crystal
Agate Slices 5 colors
Tumbled Stones (Mixed or separated in bags)
Crystal Clusters
Trees bonsai Style