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Experienced distributor of the most beautiful and original Brazilian Gemstones in the UK. Ready to find the best gems for you, ALL THE TIME!

 Brazilian Gemstones was founded in the tradition of a family active in gemstone market situated in South Brazil. Our team have been providing high quality natural gems for personal use and decoration across the world for over fifty years. Since the year 2016 we stabilised a wholesale company in the UK to meet the needs of the market for beautiful and original pieces of decoration.


 We have a great selection of gemstones, and have been lucky to have an amazing relationships with our suppliers since the very beginning – ensuring we offer trusted, quality products for you. We can also guarantee a great price negotiation.

Amethyst, Citrine and Agate are the crystals we operate in different shapes:

Amethyst, Citrine & Agate on following formats
Cut Base Agate Geodes
Geodes For Statue
Jewelry Box
Wind Chimes
Thick Agate Slabs
Cut in Half Pair
Polished Agate w/ Water Inside
Pyramid I Obelisk (Natural or Dyed)
Coasters on Wood
Umbu Rough (For Dyeing)
Red Agate Rough
Citrine Geode
Jewelry Box
Candle Holders
Faceting Gems
Green Amethyst
Points of: Amethyst, Citrine
Points of Crystal
Slices 5 colors
Tumbled Stones (Mixed or separated in bags)
Crystal Clusters
Trees bonsai Style

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